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Specialty Pressure Washing Services For Homes & Businesses 

Opaa Clean Co is proud to offer this specialty service to both our residential and commercial clients. Everyone wants a clean driveway or sidewalk to impress their guests and customers alike. With our pressure washing services, we can ensure that your driveway, decks, sidewalks, drive-thru's & parking spaces are clean and presentable. No one likes dirty, greasy and oil stained walkways or drive-thru's so why should you? Check out below for our full list of pressure washing services and why you should call in for a cleaning today!

" 5 Star Rated Service"

Need A Wash?

Why Pressure Wash?

Driveways and drive-thru's accumulate dirt, grease and oil stains overtime. These areas of homes and business are often overlooked and can leave a bad impression to any guest or client.  With our expert cleaners and industry trusted equipment, we are committed in delivering exceptional results when it comes to our highly rated pressure washing services. 

From washing away was months of accumulated dirt, oil stains and grease, our expert cleaners are able to take care of your pressure washing needs! 

Call (224) 374-2114 today!

Commercial Cleanings
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We're ready to tackle any commmerical dirty that you may have! From indoors to restaurant drive-throughs! 

Commercial Cleanings
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We're ready to tackle any commmerical dirty that you may have! From indoors to restaurant drive-throughs! 

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Residential Pressure wash 1

Residential Pressure Washing Services

We offer pressure washing services to our residential clients as well! Having a dirty driveway and sidewalk can leave a bad impression on your guests as well as lowering your property value. Our specialty service will ensure that the exterior of your property will look and feel brand new. Check out down below to see what you'll be getting if you request a pressure washing service today. 

Our Residential Pressure Washing Includes:

 Washing Driveways

 Washing  Sidewalks

 Washing Walkways

 Washing Wooden Decks

 Washing Patios

 Need pressure washing for a specific area?  Give us a call! (224) 374-2114

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Commercal Pressure Washing

Our Pressure Washing Services also serve commercial clients as well. Own a restaurant with a drive-thru that needs cleaning? We'll take care of you! We have different pressure washing services and prices for commercial clients. Call us today or request a quote to learn more.  

Our Commercial Pressure Washing Covers:

 Washing Drive-Thru's

 Washing  Sidewalks

 Washing Common Areas

 Washing The Exterior Of A Building

Franchise Pressure Washing Services

We are a franchise friendly cleaning company. Our services are streamlined so that you can have fewer headaches and more peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable service by your side. Our franchise clients are very diverse and scattered throughout the Chicago-land area. Are you a franchise owner looking for a pressure washing service for your restaurant? 

We are the perfect cleaners for you! Contact us today to schedule a walk-through estimate and see down below for a list of areas that we cover on your property.

  • Patio

  • Drive-Thru's

  • Curbs

  • Sidewalks

  • Pathways

  • Brick/Wall

  • Garage Floor

  • Storage Rooms

Cement Washing:

Upholstery  Washing:

  • Awnings

  • Outdoor Seating

  • Cushions

  • Couches/Pillows

Client Satifcation Is Our Priority 

Your Home Is In Good hands

Our cleaning crews always arrive on a timely schedule and don't waste any time polishing up your home.  

Accurate quotes and walk through's 

We always have a walk through of a client's property before giving out an accurate quote to our clients 

We Take Care Of Our Commercial Clients

Our professionalism shines alongside your business. Our crews use industry-leading methods and chemical solutions to ensure that we leave your property clean every time 

Our Pathos Is To Give You A Clean and Professional Experience Every Time 

Professional and quality service is our motto and we strive to keep you happy each time.

Save Time. Save Stress

Why Clean Your Own Home?

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