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Keep Your Home Shinning With Our Full Residential Cleaning Services

Want to maintain a clean and spotless home by yourself? You can, but there is a better solution that is not only effective but it also saves you time. Cleaning your home by yourself already takes hours and it can be time-consuming especially if you have work or want to spend time with your family. Opaa Cleaning professional residential cleaning services are here for you! Our most requested service ensures you receive a shinning home at the end of each cleaning. Have a dirty driveway? Don't stress! We also offer Pressure Washing Services to Residential Clients as well.  

Cleaning and Sanitizing have never been this important until today, you can ensure that your home from inside to the outside can be thoroughly cleaned with our trustworthy residential cleaning. Call (224) 374-2114 to learn more about our full residential services including pressure washing 

Moving out or Moving in?

Besides regular cleanings, we also provide move-in / move-out cleaning services for our residential clients as well.  We ensure the property undergoes a deep cleaning from living areas to basements and garages. Moving in or Moving out today?

Then request a quote to schedule a walk-through estimate

Call (224) 374-2114 today for a free estimate and find out which of our cleaning services are right for you!


We know how time-consuming it can be to clean every corner of your home so that's why we offer extensive residential services to clean for you!

  • Living rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Basements

  • Garages

  • Bedrooms

  • Common Areas

  • Wooden Decks

  • Patios

  • Driveways

  • Deep Cleaning also available

Does your Patio or Driveway Need A Good Wash?


Our residential services are popular because:

We're reliable and on time

We ensure we leave your home sanitized & shinning

We use industry approved supplies every time

We use a detailed system to thoroughly clean every corner of your home

Our cleaners use environmentally friendly and natural cleaning products  as well

We can come weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as often/rarely as you want

Client Satisfaction Is Our Priority 

Your Home Is In Good hands

Our cleaning crews always arrive on a timely schedule and don't waste any time polishing up your home.  

Accurate quotes and walk through's 

We always have a walk through of a client's property before giving out an accurate quote to our clients 

We Take Care Of Our Commercial Clients

Our professionalism shines alongside your business. Our crews use industry-leading methods and chemical solutions to ensure that we leave your property clean every time 

Our Pathos Is To Give You A Clean and Professional Experience Every Time 

Professional and quality service is our motto and we strive to keep you happy each time.

Save Time. Save Stress

Why Clean Your Own Home?

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